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In the era of the transition from the knowledge economy to the creative economy, organizations face new challenges - rapid changes in the external environment, fragmented knowledge, or new technologies driving customer preferences. Knowledge possession is not enough. It is its creative application that matters. Organizations need people capable of converting knowledge into unorthodox value delivery. At the same time, they also need to create an environment where people are engaged and empowered to do so. Agile techniques help managers bringing the people to the table. They help design organizations for flexible deliveries and creating a culture of collaboration. Strong values and trust empower people dealing with systematic problem solving and increasing business performance. For nearly 15 years, I guide managers and organizations to get the most from Agile. Here you can find how I can help you: 


Interim Management

The interim manager is professional, with previous practice in businesses or consulting companies, and who regularly updates his qualification to help you achieve your company's goals. It can be a substitution for leaving manager or temporary position of project type. It's the typically open-minded person who welcomes new experience, with expertise, capable of rapid adaptation, and with a drive. 

I can provide you services as:

  • General or executive manager
  • Manager of R&D and Engineering, Product Development, Marketing or Finance
  • Project director or (agile) project manager
  • Agile Coach
  • Advisor without executive function
Michal Vallo - Interim Manager
Michal Vallo - Interim Manager


You struggle to deliver your great product or service. The department or company performs well, so you cannot see your train is running against the wall. You wish to boost performance. However, you don't know where to start your reinventing program. 

The consultant is professional with a broad knowledge across multiple domains. It is your independent feedback on reality you do not want to see. It is your partner that opens your eyes, inspires, and encourages you to reinvent your business. Using the power of his experience and net of contacts, he can catalyze the status quo in overcoming stagnation for a new performance level. It is your partner who works with you to find a solution to problems you can't solve.

I provide services globallyMy working languages are English, Spanish, and Slovak. With limitations, I can handle Russian, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Hungarian. 

My services:

Agile Coaching and Training

If your team needs to learn new expertise, I can train them best practices or coach and shepherd them to create one that sticks.

My courses:

Project Management

I run projects. I prefer agile way of project management. In the past I run projects in domains like: software development, manufacturing, repair and refurbishment, mice and event organizing, education. I have advised projects in domains and areas like: Accounting, Aerospace & Cosmonautics, Construction, Cosmetics, E-commerce, ERP, Energy & Power Distribution, Finance, Food Delivery, GIS, Healthcare, ICT, Insurance, Localization & Translation, Media (& Broadcasting), Mobile App Development, Online Marketing, Product Design & Management, Proptech, Smart cities, TV, or Web Portals. 

I hold certifications: CSM, CSPO, CSP, DSDM, DAD and more.

My services:

    Crisis Management

    The purpose of crisis management is to stabilize your organization and enable for further solution, be it a drastic divestment, restructuralization of finding a partner. 

    My services:

    • Rapid analysis of the situation
    • Temporary management to stabilize operations
    • Cut off expenses, reorganization of processes, optimization where it makes sense.