Executive Agile Coaching & Mentoring

for better groups, teams, and organizations in the creative age

Why Executive Coaching

In today's work environment, the desire for personal growth and fulfillment gains importance. What employees demand from the workplace has changed. Manager capabilities often have not. As employees get promoted to management, they appear there without necessarily learning the skills and techniques required to lead.

Many new managers turn to a mentor, typically an experienced manager, to emulate. The problem is, that mentor's experience may be limited or simply inappropriate.

There is a perception that executive coaches are just for underperforming managers, who might be deficient in communication or not collaborative. Indeed, an executive coach might sometimes support a difficult employee to become a better teammate. However, it is better to see him as a proactive partner that can guide managers along their desired career paths.

Coaching may help with:

1. keeping people engaged at work.

2. getting leaders out of their comfort zone.

3. uncovering the truth, or preventing losing the touch with reality.

4. reducing churn.

5. creating a culture of sustainable improvement.

How I can help you

  • I tell you, what you do not want to hear, but you need to hear if you want to reach further and higher.
  • I am discovering the unique hidden potential in you, so you can develop it, cultivate and use it to its full potential.
  • I am a sparring partner in the change. I bind together my operational experience, your domain knowledge, and the expertise of your team to reinvent all in your organization.
  • I question the organizational status quo. It's about discovering discrepancies among goals and the way how is work done, holistically, across all teams and functions.

Why work with me

  • Practical experience with building technology and knowledge-intensive based organizations. I mentor from my own experience.
  • Broad multi-domain perspective.
  • Passion for discovery, and improvements.
  • Partner, not boss. We work on the solution together.

What others say?

In 🇭🇺 Hungary

  • ✅ Zoltán Faluvégy

Executive Vice President of Software Operations / XAPT Corporation, Budapest 

"We approached Michal right at the start of an Agile transformation process of our software solution development operation, spent more than a year together ... We highly valued his hands-on experience in transforming ... organization into Agile like operation. Able to handle critical situations, clear communication and plans, good strategist and leader of the roll-out as well. Should you need a person to lead your Agile transformation ... I would highly recommend Michal to be considered for that role."  

In 🇸🇰 Slovakia

  • ✅ Jaroslav Ambróz

Project Manager & Scrum Master / Zymestic Solutions, Bratislava 

"Michal is an absolute professional and I dare say that he is the best in his domain. Thanks to his leadership in implementing agile methodologies, I realized the importance of having the right people in the right place ... Was it easy? Not! Transformation hurts ... but with people who want to learn and accept change ... it will definitely work. Michal, thank yu for opening my eyes."

In 🇨🇿 Czech Republic

  • ✅ Jiří Beneš

Director of Identity & Security division / MONET+, Zlín 

"We are a company focused on SW development ... One of the current mantras of our world is agility ... We chose Michal Vallo from Aguarra as our guide. In the beginning, we naively thought that we would turn the waterfall into agile through one or two training ... and "the show must go on". With Michal, we have got to realize and understand that agility ... is not primarily a change in form, but ultimately a change in thinking, a change in attitude, responsibility, and overall culture. ... and Michal helps us moving forward."