Management of Innovations

Creating an innovation culture to radically reinvent the products and organization

Modern knowledge-intensive and creative organizations are about maximizing the value for the pool of concurrent stakeholders. Innovation capability and knowledge are inseparable parts of their business and future prosperity. Innovation is not a miracle. Instead, it is a deliberate system of actions, both process and environment, that enable to innovate in a structured and predictable manner. No miracle will happen overnight. Instead, it is the systematic, structured, and managed work with the organizational talent that secures long-term competitive advantage.

1) Knowledge Management

To compete in a knowledge economy the organization needs knowledge. We design a system, that brings knowledge from outside into the organization. The needs are structured and periodically evaluated so there is enough experience to gain access to critical expertise. Once at the forefront of the knowledge landscape, even the most difficult tasks and projects are deliverable.

2) Building Knowledge-Creating Organization

The difference between leaders and followers is obvious. Those who create new stuff or go their own way are often at the forefront of the competition. I can help you to understand the complexities of creating knowledge across the organization. Together we can develop ideas and implement changes, that enable you to stand out with the uniqueness of the expertise. It allows for radical innovations or new business models.

3) Innovation Driven Organization

The organization, where most of the revenue comes from a new product or service, is innovation-driven. Imagine that you have a system that secures an unbreakable stream of new ideas. You have techniques that separate promising ideas from the rest and enable dynamic resource and funds allocation. Finally, there is a mechanism that converts those ideas into tangible or intangible products. Reliably. Economically.

4) Management of Innovation

Managing knowledge-based and creative organizations of the 21st century is a very different endeavor from its industrial era predecessors. Business is not about tangible assets anymore. We compete for the best talent. We reinvent the way organization is managed. We challenge the status quo in every dimension – it starts with managers, management styles, self-perception, and motivation. It continues through vision and strategic objectives, understanding of value streams, and jobs to be done. We address structures, breaking apart a vertical bureaucracy and replacing it with fluid dynamic structures. Finally, we build entrepreneurship as an attitude for every single individual.

My Proposal

I deliver the change program, tailored to the needs of the organization, that helps managers create the environment that builds necessary knowledge and support innovation. Together we define principles unique to the organization, design actions, and secure them with a suitable process. We create an organization where the creative potential of people is unlocked and activated. Intrinsic motivation helps to deliver the best performance. I aim for managers to understand the need for change, and support them along their journey of building an organization of the future.