The Non-Certified Scrum Master

How To Use the Scrum Framework Right

The Non-Certified Scrum Master (TM)

How To Use the Scrum Framework Right

This workshop is practical hands-on learning of the Scrum method for all who are serious in improvements. You will learn Scrum right.

LanguageThis course is available in the Slovak (Czech), English, and Spanish language.

What is this course about?

This workshop is a practical taste of agile methods and the Scrum process for all who want to get the Scrum right. You will learn key agile techniques and procedures. You will understand the differences between traditional and agile project management frameworks, how to create and deliver better business value using agile techniques, and why agile approaches are being adopted in most workplaces all over the world. You will gain a solid understanding of the role of a Scrum Master as well as the roles and structure of agile teams.

In this interactive workshop with a number of exercises, you will experience the Scrum process, apply key techniques, learn non-traditional ways of project planning & estimation, as well as how to manage product documentation, reporting, and monitoring. You will learn, how to set up an agile team, help the team to perform and monitor its dynamics. You will learn how to adapt and welcome change while maintaining control over your constraints. Blending practice and theory, you will understand when to use Scrum, the advantages and disadvantages of agile approaches, the role, and responsibilities of an agile team.

This course is for:

  • Anyone involved in product or service development using Scrum methods - developers, testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and line managers.
  • Newly created teams where members have some previous experience using Scrum but need to create a shared understanding of processes and practices.
  • Anyone helping or participating in agile transformation in their organization.
  • For upper and middle management that need to understand organizational change, manage realistic expectations and to provide support for change.

What do you learn in the course?

The course is focused on the Scrum process in the context of providing support to the agile organization - and on the relation of Scrum and the creation of an agile organization. After consultation with you, it is possible to modify parts of the course in the way so it reflects the daily realities of your organization. Or so that it supports the intention of your future use of Scrum. The workshop starts at 9:00 and ends around 17:00. The timing may differ in correlation with the context of your needs. Course program typically includes:

  • The history of agile techniques
  • What it is an agile transformation where Scrum might fit
  • Extended content tailored to your needs(e.g. Agile Project Management, scaling Scrum, customer collaboration, practical implementation advice, ...)
  • Introduction to Scrum and values, including Scrum Values
  • Change management in Scrum (and what to avoid)
  • Roles and responsibilities in Scrum, who is doing what and what shouldn't be done, a combination of roles
  • The role of the Scrum Master
  • Creating a cross-functional team
  • Scrum process - artifacts and activities
  • Focussing on business value
  • Product Backlog and its features
  • What are User Stories and working with them
  • Estimation and planning
  • Showcase or product demo
  • Retrospectives - deep dive
  • Trends in Scrum development and context
  • How to implement Scrum and agility into your organization
  • Extended content tailored to your needs (e.g. Agile Project Management, scaling Scrum, customer collaboration, practical implementation advices, ...)

The course consists of subject units, interactive exercises + related debriefings, stimulating discussions and videos.

We focus the course for people serious about agile implementation; into teams and organizations, and delivery of of real business value. We are serious - no childish games. Our simulation and exercises are designed to be applicable to real agile environments and implementations.

Credential: This course was accredited by Scrum Alliance and fulfilled requirements of two elements of CSD (Certified Scrum Developer) - Introduction to Scrum and Elective. Two Days version without extended context was our workshop Certified Scrum Master.

Our in-house version of the courses aims to achieve maximum benefit for you. We prepare the course after discussion with you to tailor it to your specific needs. This way we ensure it is relevant to your organizational context and objectives.

About the trainer - Michal Vallo

Michal is the first Scrum Master in the Czech Republic, founder of the agile community, agile ambassador, and management innovator. He has worked as a manager in several organizations. Now he helps managers and owners of the organizations to become better leaders and to innovate their organizations. Michal holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Zilina and gained his MBA in 5 years program at Open University Business School in Milton Keynes, UK.

In 2008, as a managing director Michal led the first agile transformation of the organization in the Czech Republic. He is the founder of Aguarra, a leading educational organization in Eastern Europe, and works internationally as a consultant, trainer of agile techniques, and coach. He initiated Agilia - a line of agile conferences where he worked as a curator, content verifier, and innovator. His Agilia conference is, according to the American website TechBeacon, one of the world's top 20 agile conferences. In 2013 Michal fulfilled the entry requirements of Scrum Alliance and applied for a Certified Scrum Trainer license. Later he has withdrawn his application in protest of changing the movement into an industry of selling certificates. Now he is an independent agile professional working across many sectors and countries.

What do alumni say about the course?​

"It was a good course, at least for me as a developer, good for understanding how SCRUM works and how it came about. Moreover, it makes it easier for me to work".

Fran Sučić, 4finance, Praha, Czech Republic

"The training provided me with a lot of useful information. Mainly how such a team should work to be effective and who all can be a member of it. It was great that there were real examples from the world and each of us was part of a team that solved a problem, so we were able to practically show the principles of team functioning and maybe where we still have shortcomings to work on".

Viktor Knajbel, Zymestic Solutions, Bratislava, Slovakia

"The course was stimulating, the positive thing was that the whole company heard about SCRUM."

Jaroslav Ambróz, Zymestic Solutions, Bratislava, Slovakia

"The course was very well organized. The trainer is a professional who has a long experience and is able to share them to the trainees - both theoretical concepts and practical live experience. I rate the course positive, I'm glad I attended the course and obtained new knowledge and experience for the future. The course was definitely a benefit to me".

Liana Vargová, VSE Holding, Kosice, Slovakia

"very stimulating course that has shown us the way to solve the problems seemingly inconceivable".

Dagmar Sobotová, VSE Holding, Kosice, Slovakia

"It was a great presentation and I would definitely look more deeply inot exploring the Scrum process".

Adam Berka, Wunderman, Prague, Czech Republic

"It was very beneficial for me, I didn't have much knowledge about Scrum and agile. Unfortunately I think it is not possible to applycate it to our company, but I will try to use some techniques in my projects".

Dominik Hons, Wunderman, Prague, Czech Republic

"The course was really great, it was a much needed session, filling a gap in knowledge"

Szabolcs Eötvös, XAPT, Budapest, Hungary

"Overall I think the training gave useful insights on the Agile methodology. There tends to be a lack of understanding about the methodology and even the term "agile" but the instructor gave a clear, simple presentation that gave us a good basic knowledge. This helped us open up the discussion on how we can improve our team culture, workflows, etc."

Miharu Sugie, XAPT, Budapest, Hungary

"I would like to thank you for the course, it has been very eye-opening and I think it will be very useful for me in the future."

Miguel Sanchez Beato, CEO, Esebe Software, Slovakia

"I have had the opportunity to attend several trainings organized and co-tutored by Michal and those were one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. Michal is not only able to clearly share his own ideas, but he is always able to bring to the table excellent tutors and trainers from all around the world. Trainings offered by Aguarra are definitely one of the best in the field in the Czech Republic and I highly recommend them."

Ondřej Krajíček, General Manager, Research and Development, Y Soft Corporation, Czech Republic

"Learned a lot about Agile. Solid basis for further implementation in my company",

Jaroslav Skrabalek, CEO, Acemcee, Brno, Czech Republic

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