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Michal Vallo
Michal Vallo

Ing. Michal Vallo, MBA, CSP

I build agile organizations, teams, advise on creating organizational governance and business models, coach senior executives in agile operation and delivery and coach leaders to act in their role proactively. It's a source of pleasure, satisfaction, and fun. I am a strong believer in agile management principles and active THEY buster.

My passion is about management innovation. It is about breaking the status quo in the perception of the role of a manager in the organization and in an invitation to change. I am helping organizations to establish a culture, where every single individual and his potential really matter. I am helping individuals to learn, how to become engaged and accountable for their actions. Unlock the creative potential of the people and focusing them on business is critical for performance, engagement and innovation, both evolutionary and radical. This all converts to delighted customers, innovation and sustainability.

Occasionally I write articles or I am a speaker at conferences and meet-ups, where I promote agile management principles and techniques. Or I advise in conference organization, in crafting program or designing operations. Beyond my work I feed my curiosity, visiting inspiring organizations and learning from them. Or I run. From a short track until Marathon. With love for Paraguay.

When working with clients I stick to my Values - Trust, Knowledge & Development, Commitment, Authenticity and Ethical Principle. Quality of mutual relation is of paramount importance. 

Articles in Media

  • We strive to develop regions and knowledge-based businesses, published by HR Kavarna (in English, Czech).

Public Speakings:

  • 2024, May - Vyhne, Slovakia - HeRo 2024 - "Agile Recruiter - How to attract the best talent?"
  • 2023, September - Budapest, Hungary - New Leadership & Management Forum - "Experience of an Agile Recruiter: How To Engage The Best Talent?"
  • 2021, Jun - London, United Kindom - Gilbfest 2021 - "I don't want to learn more, I already know enough!"
  • 2021, Jun - New Delhi, India - Piktale Influencer's Summit 2021 Panel Discussion - "Significance of Privacy, Security and Cyber Defense in the social media ecosystem"
  • 2021, June - London, United Kingdom - Agile Evangelist Meetup - "The Agile (Un)transformation: The model of purpose, empowerment, and collaboration for the reinvention of agility radically."
  • 2019, November - Prague, Czech Republic - Agile Management Congress - "Building the Agile Organization" + "Warning: SAFe Not Safe, sorry!"
  • 2019, Jun - Prague, Czech Republic - Leaders21 - "Agile Organization Radically"
  • 2019, April - Bratislava, Slovakia - DXC Meetup - "Agile Transformation"
  • 2018, October - Budapest, Hungary - Agilia Budapest - "Agile Transformation - What it is? And what to consider?"
  • 2018, September - Prague, Czech Republic - Agilia Scrum Master Day - "Use of Ball Point Game for Team Dynamics"
  • 2018, April - Olomouc, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "Agile Transformation - What it is? And what to consider?"
  • 2017, March - Olomouc, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "Agile Transformation Retrospective - Myths and Experience from My Journey"
  • 2016, October - Budapest, Hungary - Agilia Budapest - "One Product, One Project, 2 Perspectives" w/ Michal Polacko
  • 2016, February - Wroclaw, Poland - Agile Meetup - "Exercise for Agile Coach based on real Case Study"
  • 2015, March - Olomouc, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "How to start implementing Agile into organization? Agile 4 layers framework as a guideline" w/Jaroslav Prochazka
  • 2014, October - Warszaw, Poland - ABE Conference - "5 Millions Euro - Serious Money or just small change?"
  • 2014, Jun - Budapest, Hungary - Agilia Budapest - "4 Layers of Agility"
  • 2014, April - Bratislava, Slovakia - BPUG Slovakia - "Agility and Scrum"
  • 2014, March - Brno, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "4 Layers of Agility for Organizations & Case Studies"
  • 2013, April - Prague, Czech Republic - Project Management Tea at 5 Meetup - "Introduction to Scrum and Agile Management"
  • 2013, March - Brno, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "Implementing Agile & Impact of Culture"
  • 2012, March - Brno, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "New Profession - Product Owner - Key Ingredient of Successful Agile Project"
  • 2011, September - Prague, Czech Republic - WebExpo - "Agility - A Modern Buzzword for Innovations and Entrepreneurship, True Story"
  • 2011, March - Brno, Czech Republic - Agilia Conference - "Impact of culture on development of agile leaders in Czech Republic, experience and numbers"
  • 2010, February - Kosice, Slovakia - Scrum Impulz
  • and more...