My Values



I have been thinking for a long time about how to confront an unclear situation where I have to decide how to proceed if my business partner asks for cooperation. Sometimes it is a clear choice, sometimes there are possible lures in the background. At the same time, I want to set up a compass to guide me if the situation gets complicated and which I can show to my partner, too, so he can understand better what I am doing and why. It makes situation more transparent and improves confidence. That's why I have written my values that I can refer to.


I want to be part of a larger unit and work on things that affect the being for years to decades ahead. I try to reflect this long-term view into account in my practices, concepts, proposals and goals. That's why I profess the following agile principles, which govern my relations with business partners and co-workers:

It is the basic and most valuable commodity of the relationship. Without it there will be no result. It is a guarantee that both parties have respect for the other and work together so that the outcome of joint activities is as good as possible. If I give a word, the other side can rely on it. Trust cannot be acquired or bought, it has to be gradually earned. It is easy to lose. If trust dissipates with the inappropriate action of one party, it will never be built into a solid and lasting form again. My rule here is 1 time and enough. There is no second chance.

Knowledge and development
I'm interested in learning about things to be competent to do job for the partner. Knowledge and personal development are important qualities for a good result, so I am constantly working on them. Comprehensive overview and broad knowledge support the innovation of solutions. I also expect development from the partners, which I influence and move forward in this direction. This is the way I am trying to contribute to building trust.

If I go to co-operation, I am interested in it and I want the joint result to be as good as possible and to reach the end. I will therefore do everything in my power and abilities. It is a form of contract build on mutual trust.

I am myself. I have my knowledge and experience. I do not try to do things so that I engage with anyone at any price and benefit or use the situation at a given moment to the detriment of the partner. I want to create a long-term value. I am not afraid to propose unpopular solutions, and demand changes, results and compliance with the agreed rules. Cooperation must be fair for both parties, because it is the currency for which trust is gained. That's why I try to be authentic even in situations where being authentic may bring me temporarily negative outcome.

Ethical Principle
The reason for which cooperation arose cannot be deviated from general ethical principles. The goal must be to help partners to achieve value so that in addition to partner's organization also colleagues and co-workers, customers, the environment, and other stakeholders gained from the cooperation. It is unacceptable that the objective of cooperation is to gain an advantage or to engage in targeted harm to someone else, exploiting various (EU) subsidies, offering fictitious benefits or activities beyond the legal framework in force.