I Build Human Organizations.

Passion for Agile Management and Leadership Innovation 

Helping you build your business

I build organizations and terrific executive teams. Because business is teamwork. I inspire, coach, and support senior executives in collaboration and in creating an agile culture that humanizes relations and moves people to thrive. It is an environment of respect and trust that supports intrinsic motivation, innovation, work satisfaction, and smooth sailing through the VUCA world.

My proposal

To improve your business - Strategically


If you need to identify your bottleneck, innovatively address the problem, or reinvent organization, we can work out a new solution together.

Interim Management

If you lack talent, I can implement change as an internal member of the managerial team until a replacement will be ready.

Agile Coaching & Training

If your team needs to learn new expertise, I can train them best practices or coach and shepherd them to create one that sticks.

How can I help you?

Management sucks

Being on the top is lonely. You would like to invite more colleagues to the table - engaged, proactive, driven.

Need inspiration

There must be a better way of managing our business. How do others deal with these situations? 

Discovering Agile

Agile is an omnipresent buzzword these days. But what might there be for you or for your organization? 

I am a manager and a troublemaker. Happily...

I translate my years of experience and passion for Agile into management innovation. Organizational change applied. At your business and in your company. Collaboratively and in steps. Plan - Do - Check - Improve.  

Let me know your needs

Contact me and we can set up phone call, video conference (Zoom, Skype) 

or even meeting in person to discuss your needs and expectations.

For more info call me at +420 312 245 630